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Post Happy Birthday Episode V...TESB!

I don't know what day The Empire Strikes Back was released, but here are some facts you probably diddn't know about the 'fan favourite':

>When the TIE fighter crashes into an oncoming asteroid, you can see an unlucky pilot get thrown into the vaccum of space.

>On Bespin, a panicked citezen in an orange suit can be seen running away with an ice cream-making machine.

>When Leia remarks 'It's a trap!' to Luke, the General who pulls her back is yes, Jeromy Bulloch...aka Boba Fett.

>On one of the close-ups of Threepio's head, you see a brief reflection of the camera. Also, he 'breaks the fourth wall' when he remarks 'Typical' in echo base. Did he speak to the camera?

>When the stormtroopers throw Han in his cell, he almost pulls a trooper's helmet off. Look for yourselves!

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