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Asgard…what a disgusting word. *his eyes focus with evil intend on the screen in front of him and when he finds what he wants his lips form into a sneer. The mere word causes hatred to flare up in him and he growls slightly in the back of his throat. He’ll stop them and, if he can find a way, he’ll make sure they’ll suffer eternally for what they have done. The Aesir will pay for the crimes they have committed against him. Oh, they will pay dearly.* They will regret the day my family died. *A strand of dark hair falls in front of his eyes, but he is too immersed in what he is doing to be distracted by a trivial thing as that. He scans the information in front of him and suddenly he leans closer, a viral grin spreading across his face* That’s it; it’s so simple. All I have to do is keep that stupid war going. *His eyes narrow and his voice turns icy* All I have to do is kill the peace delegation.

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"He could change. If we could get him he could change."- Nivek
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