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*a transport arrives. Rwos exits the building to meet it.

Three children, around fifteen or sixteen, are inside the buslike transport along with several Swordsmen guards. Two boys and one girl, dressed in what were apparently street clothes. The girl looks quite defiant, despite her face being streaked with tear tracks. She is dark skinned and has spiky black hair, with black eyes. She is the shortest of the trio. The first boy has an unreadable expression on his face. He has bright green eyes, sandy blonde hair, and light skin. He and the other boy are both tall. The other boy looks quite unusual. He has crazy reddish-brown hair and reverse-colored eyes, and very pale skin, and looks somewhat weak. They all look as if they'd rather be somewhere else.

Rwos: *to Deac* These are kids we rescued from the Shadows a week ago. They don't seem to have any outside connections to speak of. We've had to keep them in custody...they have...what you might understand as "strange powers".

*Rwos enters the bus entrance and a force field closes behind him and Deac. Another opens in front of them, and Rwos speaks to the driver* Let me in there...I need to talk to the children. *motioning to the bus interior, enclosed in a force field*

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