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Exclamation 7 different forums.

At this moment the forums have 3 sections.
General forums
Player Association Forums
Server forums

In the Player Association forums people of different PA's can talk about their quests in Star Wars Galaxies.
In the server forums you can get to know those who weill also play on the same server as you do.
In the General forums, there are 7 different forums.

1. General Discussion
Here we Discuss anything Star Wars Galaxies related. questions about the game, theories and comments go in here.

2. Development Forum
here we discuss all things regarding the development of Star Wars Galaxies. so questions about development and stuff. go here.

3. Off-Topic Discussion
well it sais it doesnt it. anything to discuss about.

4. SWGalaxies RolePlaying
Here we can play some story based RPG's. get your stories out of you in here.

5. Feedback Forum
Got any questions about the forum or the main site of SWgalaxies? ask here.

6. Recruitment Forums
Here a PA can advertise their group of players and try to win over some members. people can also check for a good PA.

7. Private Forums
These forums can only be seen by Administrators, super moderators and moderators. The moderators of the PA forums can also view them. They are used for the discussion of issues that should stay a secret or needs to be secret for some time.

I hope this is very clear to you.
If you do not post in the right forum, I will move it to the right one.

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