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Since I only have CMI decompiled with the correct command names, I'll only be able to give examples from that one, really. The entire Pirate Song (at least the barber shop trio singing) is done with blast-text (to position the text so it reads OK (also when lines are sung at the same time), which it wouldn't if it was placed relative to the characters' position. Also, as far as I recall (it's been a long time since I looked at the decompiled scripts), blast-text is also used for the talking interface (you know, the sentence list), probably for the sentence-building interface (inhale helium balloons etc.)

In MI1 we have occasions such as "Meanwhile Beneath Monkey Island LeChuck's pirate ship blah blah blah". "Later"... "Even later"... "Much later" when Guybrush is digging for the Melee Island treasure, etc. Probably also the credits sequence (same goes for most of the other games' credit sequences - including the end credits of CMI).

I could go on. I think. But I won't. Because I don't remember more examples at the moment

- Serge
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