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*Starr stared ahead into the dimly lit room. Across he could see several doors. He had seen this in his vision...and get to Renare, they had to enter...which door was it? There were five. And what was the code?

A lightsaber would do for the code. If only he could remember which door...

He turned to his master to ask for advice. But Cracken was distracted, staring at something else...
Cracken waved to his apprentice, signaling him to carry on, and Cracken began to pace*

Now, Darkstar is it? i tend to get you and that nitwit confused. obviously, we both want the same thing. You want Deac dead, I want Deac dead. no if ands or buts. The only problem is... *Cracken stopped, and started at the apperition* We also both want the same thing. rule over the galaxy. obviously, that presents a problem, since i have birthright to the Throne from my father, and you.... well, i don't quite know about you.

See, in the time i come from, my father died, i think you know that, and that rebellion managed to take over. I HAD THE REBELLION ON IT'S KNEES... until Deac decied to intervine. pitiful fool couldn't accept the future, i suppose. *Cracken resumed pacing* Now, being as my fathers regime went, only one could have the throne at any givin time. Me. his SON. i think you understand my unwillingness to relent my body, that;s what i assume you want, to you. I wish to rule because it's my Divine Right from teh Force.

*He stops* unless you have something else in mind, i'm afraid i will have to decline.
*Crackens' mind suddenly stops. This... BEING can use the Force to it's fullest... has Cracken made a critical error?*

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