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So do I– at least sometimes. Depends on the kind of bug. Because you can save at any point in TPM‚ most of the bugs are good. The only ones that get on my nerves are when the AI of one of the characters (like the Queen) gets all screwy and won’t follow you anymore. I’ve had to restart the Coruscant level many times because of that. Sometimes I’m messing with it so I’m kind of asking for trouble. Not always though. The first time I went through that level‚ I could not for the life of me get her to follow out of that puzzle room (with the spinning bridge). This was the PSX version‚ no codes‚ hacks‚ or anything.

Anyway‚ the above is my all time favorite bug and I was delighted to discover it. To do it you have to kill Darth Maul before the animation sequence where he kills Qui-Gon. The game will lock if you try to walk forward‚ but Qui-Gon lives. If you walk forward while Darth Maul is dying you can get through. It’s really weird playing with the characters from the front view. I can’t believe how much fun this game is.

I also have a new glitch where you can play Qui-Gon’s half of the level. Maul’s AI is all screwy but it’s still pretty cool. Not as cool as this one though.

Now I have two ways of getting through the game with Qui-Gon alive. Sorry to say‚ that was my goal all along in finding ways to kill Maul before the Final Battle. Silly I know, but Qui-Gon is only Star Wars character I can say I really like– except maybe R2-D2. And damn Lucas for canning Kenny Baker! I will not‚ repeat not‚ be going to see Episode II– and I saw TPM 19 times. Nor will I spend another penny on Star Wars‚ or anything with the name Lucas‚ LucasFilm‚ LucasArts or any variation thereof until he releases every Star Wars and Indiana Jones movie on DVD. All of them. The only clear exception to this would be to buy a DVD that he does release. Nothing else could get me to spend another penny (unless the cat pees on my TPM game disc or something). I won’t replace my Star Wars movies because I refuse to watch them on that gawd awful VHS format. Yeck! This is also‚ of course‚ brought on by the announcement that Lucas is re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-releasing the original trilogy– VHS only. Aaaaahhhh!!! What a schmuck!!! How can you can Kenny Baker and replace him with another of Lucas’s lifeless CG characters? Is nothing sacred!!!

At any rate, a special thanks to Zanzibar. It’s very cool being able to talk to one of the game’s programers. Providing insights into the game’s programing‚ as well as answering questions and such‚ besides being a nice touch‚ also shows someone who genuinely cares about his (her/it/their) product. Particularly since he has the patience to repeat things a million times. Thereby the power invested in me‚ I pronounce today (August 30th) Zanzibar Day.

Though I’m not really a game shopper anymore, I view Big Ape very highly and Lucas Arts, well... akin to something that clogs my toilet.

Be well‚ grasshopper.

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