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not to be rude but can u explain more than "im working on it" you seen to of had to done it before, and all i am asking is when is an explanatoin of "HOW" going to be available? this seems very interesting, could you tell me how long untill we will have one set of instruction, then how long till the other glich we be explained, i could try to find out myself, but for some reason, the saved game i have (I downloaded a buch with the begining of each level and in front of the door at the garbage pit where you fight maul and for some reason darth maul kills quigon before you get there, its funny to se him stab air and say "die jedi die" its like, "HES ALREADY DEAD STUPID HORNHEAD" i did the naught naught thing and saw that one you enter, dm stabs qg) so a working saved game from right in front of the door to the garbage pit (with the door closed if not tomuch truble) I could do it but ive been to busy latley to get there.

PS. I found out what Darth Maul's Name means and what species he is heres a bio i just made:

Name: Darth Maul
Meaning To Name: Maul is spanish for bad (spanish class helps)
Species: Iridonian
Planet of Origin: Iridonia
Ocupation: Sith Lord
Wepon of Choice: Double-Bladed Lightsaber built by Lord Maul when graduated from Sith Apprentice to Lard (oops i mean lord, i will let it stay for humor)
Master: Darth Sidous


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