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As for my input.

In the area of sith, I honestly think Darth Maul was the greatest

I mean, since he was 12 he had trained to fight for his life and

Then he had to learn how to weild a dual saber, and he did it
ever so deadly. Learning all this himself and becoming a master
in the tera karsi (sp?) I think he easily could have taken
vader in his prime. Still, Sidious pushed him to do missions
that were very hard, like taking down the black sun by himself.

Alas, according to geogre lucas, he was unable to beat a padawan
who was very angry at the death of his master (even though yoda says anger leads to hate yadda yadda)

but they couldn't very well kill obi-wan.

Ah waht do I know, I'm just a Maul nut.

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