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Originally posted by SkinWalker
The only S0 = P problem I have is when you are dueling (with "K" or without) and just when the other player gets to a single digit HP, they power down their saber! I'm sorry if I seem a bit dishonorable, but depriving me of a kill that I worked hard for and deserved after a 10 min duel is dishonorable. I nearly got kicked from a server for that, but I was able to 'splain myself during the vote and it didn't pass. Now THAT's honor! Judged by my peers!

Big Daddy SKin (Mr. Walker to the dishonorable)
I agree. Once he challenges you and enter combat, then he has the duty to finish it. That honour is his, even if it means his death. So it works out that if he powers down and get killed half way through, and then complain, he is basically giving up HIS honour.

The funny thing is, some people seem to see that as YOU giving up yours by finishing him off while his sabre is down. I don't get it.

Hell, many japanese samurais used to stick a sword in himself to reclaim his honour after losing it when he did something wrong in the past... now THAT is brave, and I'd give him back his honour seeing it. I don't think I'd have the stomach to kill myself if I were in his shoes.
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