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evil public libraries, evil ISP

my ISP is down again,
and I am at my local public library.
I will not be posting much other than
this until I get back online.
just wanted to let people know
where I have gotten to.
For some of you NOT seeing my posts
will be a bit of a holiday.

The good thing about Not being online
is that I am getting lots of work done
on Calaverablanca so by the time
I next post, you will all see more
fansite noir stuff.

And the library is evil because
a) the glare on the monitors
make them almost impossible to read.
b) to discourage people from
visiting forums such as this one,
all the screens show black small type
on dark the GF2 background.
so reading any post is useless.
I am typing this basically in the dark
of a well lit room.

I will be back online
as soon as possible.
in the meantime
Hi! to Kaldaravera
and High! to Gendo.

and pleasant greetings to anyone else
who might actually miss my presence
Haunting the Forums.

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