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But as the PC uses memory instead of reading off of the actuall CD it tends to slow down and goes wrong a lot more.Dont take me wrong I do like the PC as it has some killer games such as Half Life etc.
But this game seems to be for console only as the format will be DVD (Which PS2 can play both CD and DVD) who not may people have fitted into thier computers. The main problem I see whith this is that you will need to have a top notch PC for which to run it like you did in TMP whih when i played the Ottoah Gunga level was hell. Even though my computer was registered as above required i still couldnt see through water or the Bubble's even though Tranperisie was on. This game looks good but it is questionable whever a PC appearence is on the cards.
Dave Maul do you need any help on your Radio program as I really would like to get back into radio. Send me your awnser VIA Email. (Ask Tom for my Address as I dont want to put it on the Web!)
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