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I am not getting a PS2. Yeah, you heard me right. PC is far superior. The original PS has absolutely no games I really want to play, which isn't already avaliable on other platforms. Therefore I see no reason in getting a PS2, as I don't see myself buying any of the games coming out for it. Well, Starfighter looks good, but I am not about to buy a 300 bucks PS2 for one game.

Sony are shipping 1 million PS2 into USA on October 26th. No more. Then you will have to wait for spring 2001 for the next shipment. If you haven't preordered, you won't get a PS2. Yet...

And the PS2 is WAAAAYYYY overhyped. I don't see why it revoutionize gaming. Would someone please explain why it will to me?
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