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You do know that the Gmae box cube whatever is going to be prple and extremly bulky. Nintendo have mucked this one up first it was dolphin and al the advertisment was 'Capture a dolphin.' (You canimagine who thrilled green peace were.) then it was the Star Cube and more ads came ut and know irs a purple box which finally runs CD's which i was doing almost five odd years now. Nintendo have fluffed up big timeIMO sony will once again dominate the market.
Has any one seen those PS1's they are so samll the dimensions I think are 18cm long 3cm deep and 9cm wide! You could lose that in your pocket. did any one else know that the X-Box has a lava lamp in it! What will there mascot be? Sony has Crash and Lara Sega has sonic and Nintedo has Mario. Will Micro softs mascot be the paper clip office help or the Linux pengiun?
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