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((OOS: Deac is gone for two weeks...thus, with Deac's permission, I'm disabling his character. [any of you can run into him, you just can't wake him up ] Also with Deac's permission [and with experience] I'm going to be RPGing the Darkstar for that time))

Deac thought he sensed a presence behind him. He whirled, placing his hands on his lightsabers. But there was nothing there; nothing but a pile of rocks. So he began walking again.

Then he was down, rolling on the ground, only catching a glimpse of the fifty-foot "pile of rocks" that had just clubbed him over the head. And for the second time in less than a day, Deac Starkiller was knocked unconscious.


Starr continued forward to the five doors as the Darkstar spoke to Cracken.

You decline? A pity. So much, we could have done so much together. Syrnl did, before his pathetic "redemption". I can sense that you need power, Lord Cracken. Well, I am power, and you only have to reach out and take it.


The hallway ended at a door. Rwos stuck his hand on the lockpad. Nothing happened, which didn't really surprise him. However...these doors weren't like the outside blast doors...they looked like they could be pried apart, if you were strong enough.

Rwos pried his claws into the crack were they joined and began to pull them apart. He could hear the lock mechanism giving as they slowly came apart...and then they finished opening of their own volition.

In front of him was a grand audience chamber. Lord Cracken stood in the middle. Starr was at the far end. In front of Cracken was something that looked like black smoke.

The smoke somehow gave the impression of turning and looking at Rwos. Termand Se'enth Rwos? I thought I sensed you around. Remember me?

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