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Originally posted by razorace
Here is a thought thou...Both "right hand" ladies have excaped in both JK games. So, that one blond chick from JK and tavion are still on the loose.
Now there's an interesting plot twist! "Jail House Jedi Grrlz"!

Seriously, I was wondering when someone would mention that there was a rogue DJ still out there in either game. That'd be awesome, to see them team up and do a Dark Sisterhood that Mara's gotta break up (Or Jan, with Mara tagging along as the Token Jedi). Imagine being Jan, and being able to give orders to Mara in-game? "Mara, kill everyone." "But Jan, Luke's been teaching me that we need to embrace diversity and lo---*" (Jan's gunfire) "Kyle, I need you. My partner's taken a hit."

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