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*Rwos' comlink beeps*

Rwos: Yeah?

We need you here right away. They've almost escaped. We're in pursuit of their ship right now. We think we've got a lock on their ship, but only your teleporter is reliable to that degree. We need you to go in. Coordinates

Rwos: Sorry, Deac, but we've got to go. *to the group* We'll be back...

*The girl, "Alexi" vanishes in a blur. Deac seems to be hurled against the force field around the group by an invisible force. The field sends deadly current through his body and knocks the cyborg Jedi unconscious. In the same instant, Rwos slumps to the ground, unconscious. The girl appears and grabs his teleporter.*

Alexi: Come on! We're leaving.

Before her friends can protest, she grabs them, and presses the activate control on the teleporter. They disappear in a flash of blue light*

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