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I think we should keep this the thread for all quizes as soon it will get to crowded and i dont hink many people want see that agreed?
Here are some back at you.
1. On hoth what rouge finds Han and Luke?
2.What is the name of the driod that helped to pull data from the Tantive IV's computer banks?
3.What is the name of the squad leader of the squad that found the escape pod THreepio and Artoo are in.
4.What is the name of the creature who pulls Luke down in the Death Star garbage compactor?
5.Where do Ugnaught's come form?
6. What do Weequay hunter's sacrifice before battle? (Clue: Tuskens dont like them doing this.)
7.The bar tender (Wuher.) in the Mos Eisley cantiana has one dream what is it?
8.Who are the Yuzzum's arch enemy?
9. What are the codes of the two piolets who acompany Darth Vader on the trench run?
10.What was the driod assigened to Red 10 called?
P.S. Lets not make this a personal Battle Dave but for a way for people to tr there Luck at some reall SW boffs.(No offence)
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