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The X-Box developer list doesn't have Lucasarts included. This is sad!

Yeah, the PS2 has better graphics, but the DC has much better games in my opinion. We might see some good games on the PS2 too...

Actually, a lot of people underestimated the Dreamcast! This was unforunate, because it would have been really spectacular with the support of the major gaming companies. It still turned out very good, with lotsa good games, but it could have been even better!

Oh, and this backwards combaility the PS2 has is also over-rated. Most people who will use it already have a PS and have already played the game to death. Second, you have BleemCast, which let's you play PS games on your DC, with all the graphical enchantments that carries. The PS games that runs on BleemCast already looks way better than the same games running on a PS2.

If ya desperately want a console now Tom , get a DC. Otherwise borrow Dave's PS2 and buy one when the price drops

Personally, I'm waiting for the GameCube!
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