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Yeah, the Bleemcast is a good point - I saw it on display at E3 - it's just amazing seeing a PS1 game running in hi-res at 60fps. However, don't expect to see TPM running on a Bleemcast anytime soon

The Sony programmers at LEC did a LOT of hijinx in order to get the game ported over from the PC correctly. You may not believe it, but it's a near miracle that the damn thing runs at ALL on the PSX. The levels were HUGE, the number of characters and AIs is just incredible. But, as a result, their hocus-pocus (you can tell I'm not a programmer ) made TPM for the PSX some kind of Frankenstein's Monster when it comes to Bleem! compatibility.

But, alas, I'm really afraid you won't be seeing many people developing new titles for the DC once the PS2 really gets rolling.

If you do get a DC, make SURE you get Crazy Taxi. And if you like American Football, get NFL2k1. There has NEVER been a better sports game. EVER. I mean it.

Oh, and Shenmue. Saw it at E3 too. Wow.

Um, and Jet Grind Radio.

And...Quake was kinda nice too.
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