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Ah - THAT idea No, I doubt it anyways, looks like the management at Lucasarts is heading into a new direction...not sure how Big Ape is gonna fit into their plans.

I'll fill in those who don't know: Big Ape's original storyline was based in the 'classic' Ep 4-6 time period, following a journey of a teenage boy taking up the quest of an immensely powerful item from a old Jedi knight, whom he discovers, dying, in the wreck of a starship that crash-lands near his backwater home. It was supposed to be a coming-of-age story etc. etc., with the Empire, the Hutts, and a few other factions ALL interested in this item that the boy is carrying. He'd make new friends, enemies, and eventually learn the ways of the Force, via the dead Jedi's presence.

That's all fine and good when we presented this idea to them back in early '97, but then LEC realized that they didn't have a 'full scale' game based on the Ep1 license. Jedi Knight was too far along to switch over to Ep1, so they decided to change our focus to following the Ep1 storyline. Some of our TPM levels were based on original designs for this previous game - Mos Espa primarily, and also the Gardens of Theed.

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