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Sounds cool.

But no, that is NOT what a TC is about-- = )

Yes, it is about throwing away everything and making something totally new--but it keeps the main point of the game.

For example: In Age of Kings we would throw away just about everything and make an RPG for a TC--but when a battle came up it would have the same aspects of AOK.

In Jedi Outcast you would throw away everything but the lightsaber combat--because thats what makes it the game.

In Return to Castle Wofenstien you would keep the guns--and those neat overheating effects.

And In MOHAA, you would throw away absolutely everything and try and turn it into some other game cecause it has nothing that stands out.

But note: I am looking forward to anything that expands this game--and gives me more for my money.

= )

Good Luck.

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