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Yeah it definately depends on the type of server you are on snail is right. If it's a team ffa (e.g.) and you join and start slashing everyone to pieces 'for the sake of the team' and no one says anything there's no problem really when sabers down. (if peep typing then in my opinion still out of order) A few peep may find it annoying but they should show that they're typing if they dont wanna be attacked.

if you join a server that is primarliy peep walking, watching, having respectable saber fights and duels and stuff then attaking peep with saber down is lame as they're probably trying to watch a fight or duel.
There shouldnt be set rules. If peep ask you to stop then you should or you should leave to go to another server where peep wont shout at you. it doesnt take much really.

also it's true that it's out of order for peep to give up on a duel by putting their saber down cos they're pussy. Also in most servers if you're all out for death it would be lame to realise you got 10 hp and put your asber down merrily wondering around not getting killed til you can boost up to full again. That's lame too, so to summarise you should judge it by the type of server you is on.


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