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Originally posted by jordan_marsden
Hi, I recently got Jedi Knight 2 "Jedi Outcast, and I am only on the first level but I am embarassingly stuck at the coloured codes, I have two in my datapad already, but I need help finding the green one, please tell me where to find it Thanks.
I couldn't find it either... You have to make sure that when you discover the terminal where you call for help and she gets pinned down, you go back, help her out and make sure she follows you to the terminal where she will open the door across the corridor. The green code is in there. I can't remember 'her' name but you know who i mean. I had to start the level again though as she wouldn't follow me and kept pacing up and down other that that, i've only been playing it for a few hours and i think its great!!
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