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yeah it depends really, when you start and do the bow thing (if your into that) then ok, but it is getting hard to tell cause you have alot of peeps now that have it off all the time unless you are close or they are striking. So now after the bow (unless the box is above their head or they say hold on) once they draw that saber, all bets are off. I made the mistake too many times of turning mine off too just to get whacked by some idiot thinking it was funny. So IMHO once you do your intial courtesies and draw that saber it is fair game, unless again you say hold on or have the box above your head. Of course I know peeps will take advantage of that too in time so it will turn into a damn kill fest, but I will just play on the better servers

Bowels in or bowels out? Oh your confused, well let me decide for you!
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