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Angry I am discusted.

You all obviously thought it was me back there, making all those ridiculos comments about the Dreamcast. Don't believe me? Here's a few pionts:

1. If I was "ranting and raving" (thank goodness I stopped ages ago) , would I have written "This is just another rant of mine..." at the end? NO! "Now I can bash the Dreamcast all I like, Nya ha ha!" Sound like me? No... more like a cocky b@$*@rd.

2. I enjoyed PSO round Daves house - I know you can't jump, but that dosen't spoil the game, I loved it! The weapon selection, the attack method, the graphics, the design, (seen that green pod-type-thingy that releases mosquitos? - Brilliant!) And I havn't even been online yet!

3. You all know this password infiltration has happened before. (Apart from the newbies), I am discusted in all of you, thinking it was me. I've changed, and I'm proud of it.

4. I disagree with all of that was said. The PS2 is a brilliant machine, but it has not got many games, and it still awaits a developer to 'crack the code' so I guess the best console availible at the moment is the Dreamcast - 'round of applause to Sega!

If you don't believe me, I feel sorry for you - especially Simpson. I didn't want it to turn out this way. I wanted to have lengthy discussions on the future and past of good games, talking about the good points rather than the bad. And so I leave, (yet again), with my head down low in dissapointment, thinking of the friends I could have had here.

BTW, Crazy Taxi isn't out yet for PS2, even I know that.
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