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Yeah, Sony never has been any good much people. They do have good games, but it is because they hire all of the 3rd parties to do it for them. Nintendo does a lot of the games themselves, or gets Rare to do it (I wonder what would happen if Rare made a Star Wars game on the Goldeneye engine?).

Come to think of it, All of the Star Wars games on the PSX (WHAT DOES THE X STAND FOR?) were failures (or at least better on the PC or DC).

Except for Shadows of the Empire, Nintendo has been pretty lucky in the Star Wars area, with Rogue Squadron and Battle for Naboo.

The PC seemed to fare the best with XWA, Jedi Knight, and Phantom Menace (very good in my opinion).

ANy ways, I am getting a Nintendo Game Cube, and I am also going to keep getting games for the PC.

THis sight is wonderful, I wish I found it sooner.

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