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Unhappy I can't win!

I've tried about 20 times trying to kill the coruscant mercenary with that force pike, i only have 12 shots with the double laser gun, and quite a few on the weak gun (gun for 1 and 2). I only got 20% health too!!

oh, i also ripped off that one guy, you know the guy who wants to give you tickets for a high price? Well this is how:

Talk to him
Get money for binoculars
Tell him that he said 50 each (or less)
Walk away
Go back to him and say "i'm sure it was an honest mistake" and you'll rip him off!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAAAH!!!!!! It's so funny, you could also be mean and switch to quigon or obiwan and force-push him off the edge (not sure if it'd work i'm going to go try it now)

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