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Well with 12 R-65 shots left you are seriously SCREWED. You need to restart the level and conserve ammo. Or you could type in the code happy which causes the weak gun to become a flamethrower, firing tank rounds (and maybe slowing your framerate when it fires as it fires so fast ).
Force push always works, regardless if you are supposed to use it on the level or not.
You could character switch to a Jedi and annihilate the mercenary that way.
I've ripped off the guy countless times, Jared figured it out first (he would wouldn't he )
BTW, the happy code is not considered a cheat by the game, so it still gives you a ratng, luckily.
DON'T repeat DON'T get near the exploding generators. I don't care what walkthrus say, the explosions rarely harm the mercenary. And they'll kill you very quickly.
You could also type in slowmo to make everything slow down (I've never tried it while fighting, but it should make up for time if your reflexes aren't helping)
Hope this helps.

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.
At last we will have revenge.
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