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OK, I did enjoy the game, but I was there was a bunch of stuff that made it suck
1: Why didn't LEC inlclude mp
2:Why such pitiful force powers
3:How come the scenes where the sabre battle across the THeed Generator complex was reduced into a whole bunch of boring leap and jumps
4:How come when you fight maul at the end you made it so easy and added that catwalk
5:How come you made it illigal for hacking, why do you think JK was so popular?
6:WHy don't you share your mods with us
7:Could you please try to get lec to make hacking into the game legal, with maybe some free editing software for new mods and levels
8:If you actually did 7, you probably would make a hell of a lot more money on the game
9:If you made a mp patch, the game may be as succesfull as JK if you could ever make mods easy and legal
Well, there it is
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