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Some of the AI stuff turned out a lot better than we expected; but some of it just didn't turn out well at ALL. The Queen on the Escape from Theed level turned out to be a nightmare...some of the limitations of the code were already well in place before we realized we needed work-arounds. Basically, by then we were screwed, and wound up doing band-aids on the existing AI to try and keep her on track. While we were able to complete the level, it did indeed turn out worse than we had envisioned, because she got hung up on corners so often. And, there were several areas where she ran into the line of fire, and basically we were forced to keep it in there as it was. Nobody was happy about it...we rationalized that it would train the player to stay close to protect the queen

Darth Maul on the Final Battle level didn't turn out anywhere what we had hoped; basically we made a mistake in that we kept putting it off until we got towards the end of the project, and then we were forced to rush his AI to get it done rather than make it memorable. I've heard that you can force-push him off the edge; that's a bug that we thought we had exterminated, but obviously we didn't.

We were at the two-week mark, where we thought we had 2 weeks to finalize the game for our target 'Gold' date, during which we thought we could improve some of the obvious problems (droids walking in place, etc.). Well, Lucasarts realized that their PSX conversion team was lagging WAY behind, and so they decided to pull the plug on the PC version to free us up to help the PSX port. As it turned out, those 2 weeks really didn't help the PSX version as much as it would have helped the PC version - 20/20 hindsight, of course. We were in the midst of revising Darth Maul's Final Battle fight for the umpteenth time when we were forced to wrap it up.
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