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Well, Zanzibar, I just got this game from by brother-in-law...and please realize that I'm not really a gamer by nature (time, more than anything else precludes it!)...but I'm hooked on this game!

My question is probably one that's been brought up many times: on certain levels (ie. Otoh Gunga), there are certain bubbles where I cannot see thru the top. Needless to say, this makes it difficult to proceed with a lot of them! Matter of a fact, it's only by the power of the Force that I've made it to the multiple moving pillars in water bubble.

I find that when I move over to position myself for the first jump from the ledge, I can't see a thing. This has precluded me from going any farther, obviously, and I was hoping you might have a simple solution (or even complex, if necessary) on how to fix this.

I have a Packard Bell Pentium II 350 MHz with 64 MB RAM/6.4 GB HD and a 3D acclerator that was preinstalled...I think it's a RageII AGP.

"Any hep here wud be had!"
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