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You have too many lights in your map. In the worldspawn enter key lightgrid and for the value, 64 64 64. Infinite brushes can also cause this error.
I think you need to go higher to something like 128 128 128 for JO, that was for Q3.

And if your problem is an infinite brush, here's how to fix it:

WARNING: Node without a volume / node has 0 tiny portals

An infinite brush. Delete it. The latest build of GtkRadiant has a debug tool that can help the mapper track down infinite brushes. Go to the BSP menu and select No_Vis (No light). After the compile process, a window will open up--assuming you've got bad brushes--and the first brush in the list will be selected and visible in the Z-Window. Merely press Backspace to delete this brush and repeat the No_Vis process. Or, you can use the Find Brush command (Misc menu) to find and then delete those bad brushes.

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