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Originally posted by Dave Maul:

Zanzibar, where there any ideas abandoned from the game? Like, say, flying through the Naboo Core, weird stuff like that?

Also, did you plan to include secret levels and characters at any stage?


Yes, a bunch of ideas got the axe. We were originally going to have a playable STAP and AAT. The STAP was actually built to be played in the Swamp level, and we actually had an area where you'd strafe a bunch of different areas for fun and profit. And, there was an additional level in between the Gardens and Escape from Theed levels, where Obi-Wan would pilot an AAT tank. One more: we were going to have an underwater section for the Naboo Core using the same sort of tech in the STAP section of Swamp, but we had no level built yet when we realized in Jan of '99 that we were running out of tuning time. So all those wound up being axed, because we had JUST gotten them working, they didn't 'feel' right at all in terms of handling.

As far as 'secret' levels, no, but playable characters were definitely a possibility, although they didn't come up until late in the production. In March or April, I had built a Mace Windu playable character, but LEC didn't think they could incorporate it into the PSX version, so unless we could get it into both versions, they didn't want to add it. Kind of like how the N64 version of Rogue Squadron already had a prebuilt N-1 Naboo Starfighter but the PC version required a download.
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