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Originally posted by Dave Maul:
Why not 'pull a Lucas' and release the "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - Special Edition" game?

It just so happens...

Well, no, not really. I toyed around with the TPM-Zanzibar tool a bit to see if I could make a Gungan Battle level, with Captain Tarpals as the main character. He would jump like a Jedi, and his shield would reflect laser bolts like the Lightsaber, but his offensive weapon would be his cattle-prod-like thingy. What I realized is that the TPM tool was NOT very good at making terrain. As such, I gave up soon after I started some preliminary building, and now it's too late.

Anyways, LEC IS re-releasing TPM PC under their low-price "Archive Series" label, and it's selling on Amazon for 15 bucks. It won't have any bells and whistles, because they haven't even contacted Big Ape about adding anything, and we've got all the source code. But, it may include a CD with demos or something. No idea.

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