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Mace Koon, thanks for playing the game, it was an absolute blast to put together, and I'm glad that people still play it.

As far as an Ep2 game, it won't be through Big Ape, but I'm sure that LEC is working right now on an Ep2 project (or two, or three...) to coincide with the release of the movie in Summer 2002, but nobody knows if it will be TPM-style. Eps4-6 probably won't happen, LEC is more or less gearing towards Ep1-3 exclusivity over the next few years.

The rating system is much simpler than you think. It basically determines how many times you DIE or RESTART during the level, and that's about it. If you die often on a level, your score goes down, and we have an 'accuracy' variable that determines how well the enemies fire at you that is directly related to your score. It's sort of an in-game difficulty system. Time has nothing to do with the score.

The water flask to the soldier doesn't do anything except give you the power shield. We put that little side-quest in there so that you stop focusing on getting past the Tank, and look instead for a little water for the soldier, then wind up finding something that would be useful.

And don't worry about 'stealing' from the Jawas, oh sure they'll be mad, but they're kinda foul-tempered critters anyways

AHA - the famous Flash Grenades On The Bed glitch! I'm assuming you have the Playstation version, as I have never seen the bug happen on the PC version. Yes, the collision code on the PSX was substantially different than on the PC because the processing power of the PSX was so comparatively low, that's why you'll find yourself falling out of the world with an alarming frequency on the PSX version. Anyways, the difference in the collision code made it damned near impossible to jump in that room without the code telling the player-control module that "you can't jump high enough to get up there." Because the item was so out-of-the-way, LEC's bug testers didn't discover it until we had already submitted the PSX version to Sony. So, we fixed the bug in case Sony rejected it (for that bug or perhaps other undiscovered bugs) so we could resubmit. To EVERYONE'S surprise, Sony U.S. approved it, and started pressing copies immediately. We gave them an updated version for future pressing, and they did start using the update, but only AFTER they did an initial burn of CDs. That's what's called a "Rolling Revision," and so, yes, there are 2 versions of TPM PSX. You've got an early version, and as I recall, they're fairly rare, but as to exactly how many Rev1 copies were made, I have no idea.

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