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((OOS: Admiral, you just put yourself bloody hours ahead of us ))

"Possession" is not my "thing". Wh-

Rwos: It isn't? What do you call what you did to me, then?

You were a fool. You-

Starr: *returning to Cracken's side and staring at Rwos* Master, do I have permission to eliminate this little worm?

*The Darkstar suddenly sounds agitated* I'm so sorry, but I must go. I'll be back again, Lord Cracken...if you survive. *The Darkstar breaks up into smoke and vanishes into the cracks*

Rwos: What... *he begins to feel dizzy. He can feel some sort of drug filtering through his skin...invisible gas...Cracken and Starr had already fallen... He could barely stand...but maybe because he was a gargoyle he...could...resisssss......

Rwos joined the others on the floor in a dead faint.

Above them all, Ken'atra Sorack continues to search the Renare database.*

((OOS: That was to keep us all in the same time frame...I suppose superthrawn's character can take responsibility. ))

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