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Hi Zanzibar!! It's me LordMaul I just changed my screen name to JediMaster Qui-Gon.
I had one other question for you,
I've been working on a Jedi Knight Level and I wanted to know if just for fun there's a way to get some of the character wireframes and convert them to JK?? I know the Mats in TPM are 16-bit and JK is 256 color, but I could convert those too.

A few more questions

*What are the files in the LEVEL folder??
*Did the original story line of the Zanzibar project varry from what it is now?? I heard something like, Zanzibar project was originaly going to be about a Jedi who crashed on a forsaken planet???#%#

*One last one, Is there a way to convert any of the matirial in TPM to JK?

Sorry to bug ya with all mu quistions
(how do I get a good rating?)
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