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I think LucasFILM (not Lucasarts) is being a bit more tight with the licensed properties of Episodes 1-3. I don't have a specific idea, but just the kind of stuff that we heard from the Ranch was "don't stray too far from the storyline of the movie," and the WAY they said it was kind of weird. We got word fairly early on that the Ranch frowned on making TPM editable, and that became one of the reasons why we could rationalize not spending time on a manual for the tool. The one instance that told me that the Ranch was really paying attention to the game was when we got word that the Gamorrean Guards on Tatooine needed to come out of the game. No specific explanation, just "Lose the Gamorrean Guards. Make them something else." Thus I switched them to the grey-skinned guards you see now (designed by a Lucasarts artist named Martin Yee, BTW, who did a spectacular job for all the various tasks we asked him to do).

This kind of ties in with why LEC is so reticent to allow new skins to be released, like Mace and Maul. For the most part, though, I think they just don't want to deal with it. I could indeed release the Mace model I have, but if I really wanted to do a Maul model, it would take quite a bit of time to animate him, which I simply don't have right now.

(Hey AriBen, not sure what fade problem you're talking about. Can you be more specific?)

LordMaul/JM Qui - I can't release the models, but yes, I can create .3do and .key files, and also .mat files. We are basically using the same JK modeling system. Also, each model only uses 256 colors, but there's a specific palette assigned to each model (saves a LOTTA texture space), and the game itself is rendered in 16-bit.

The .b3d files are the compiled maps. They include all the AI information, enemy placements, textures, etc. etc.

Yes, Big Ape was originally supposed to do an Eps 4-6 game starting in early 1997, but then somebody did the math and realized that there would be no character-based game released for Ep1 at the same time as the movie (Racer was vehicle-based), so after much reconsideration, our focus was changed to follow Ep1. Our original storyline, as you mentioned, would follow a teenager who takes over for an old Jedi Knight that is mortally wounded when his starship crashes near the boy's home. The Jedi is carrying something of great power that EVERYBODY wants, but can't continue his quest. His dying words to the boy are to continue, this item must not fall into the hands of the Dark Side. So everyone's involved, the Hutts, the Empire, mercenaries, bounty hunters, and even the Rebellion who want to help. Would have been a lotta fun to make

As I mentioned above, yes I can make materials, but all the TPM files I have are basically property of LEC, so I can't release them.
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