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forgive me if this is old news...

Several DVD editions of the Star Wars classic trilogy HAVE been released (in countries outside the US) but (as far as I know) none of them have been OFFICIALLY liscensed through Lucasfilm, and so, for all intents and purposes, would be considered "bootlegs."

Several places (including ADVERTISE or list that they have the SW trilogy DVD's, but this is just wishful thinking, and a placeholder until they are finally released (read the fine print and you'll see). You might be able to "pre-order" them, but you may have a long wait, if GL keeps to his word (releasing all the films as a boxed set after Episode III is released).

Basically, the best experience you can get with the original films (SE or none) is through the Laser Disc versions which are perfectly legit, and have been released with just about every VHS version since they came out (LD's are dead in the states, but in places like Japan they are still being released...).

Now there ARE vcd (video-cd) versions of the films, which I believe are 100% legit, but again, not released in the US, but other countries where those mediums are more popular with consumers. As an added bonus, some DVD players CAN play VCD's as well, and most PC's can quite easily.

One good way to find these other versions of the films is through places like ebay, but you take your own chances there. When the DVD versions do come out in the states, for real, I hope they include the original versions of the films, and not just the SE or super SE (if GL plans to add in the Prequel stuff, further updating his old films).

Barring that, another nice way to get cool captures is to use a TV card (check pricewatch, a good one can run $75 or less) and run it in combination with your LD player or TV/VCR with the flicks.

Btw, great to see this thread is still going strong. Love the new pics!
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