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Well, personally, I didn't take it as an insult, but then again I didn't build or animate the model anyways

The cutscenes were handled through LEC's in-house artists - with the exception of the cutscene before the Mos Espa Arena level, which I lit and animated the camera and added spectators and racing pods and their crews to an existing Arena model built by the Racer team. Yes, some corners were cut that perhaps shouldn't have been, but all in all, I think the cutscenes turned out a lot better than we had hoped. Which brings me to a story....

We had been sort of helping design the cutscenes, meaning near the beginning of the project we sat down with some of the 3d artists in charge of the production, and we went over shot by shot what we thought we needed. After almost a year, in Xmas of 1998, the cutscene team said they were ready for us to 'sign off' on the cutscenes. We saw rendered 'final' versions, and a LOT of them were absolutely horrifying. There was a tad of model construction that didn't look good, but most of it was just some bad staging problems and cleanup that needed to happen. Initially LEC wanted to go with them as-is, mainly because they had already budgeted most of the 3d artists to start work on other projects. Well, after a little convincing, LEC really made the smart move and re-allocated a lot of manpower to make them work. And quite simply, they did, and my hat is off to LEC and Chris Schultz and the rest of them for sticking with it to make the cutscenes a bonus instead of a liability. Despite a lot of little problems, all in all, they came out rather well.
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