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Here's a good question about Lucas and his companies' honesty:

In a magazine I just got, it has a feature on Episode I easter eggs (ETs, etc.) and reads this:

"As a way to link Episode I with previous Star Wars films, the crew also planted a Jawa sandcrawler near the Podrace Arena and Luke Skywalker's landspeeder on the streets of Mos Espa (it's painted green). These two Easter Eggs can also be discovered in the video game Episode I: The Phantom Menace from LucasArts."

So did you include that sandcrawler section because LucasFilm wanted one in the proper film, or was it a coincidence and LucasBooks are making it look like there's lotsa communication between companies?

Also, the same question for the landspeeder, did you inclue it because Georgey did or just to make it look more Tatooiney?
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