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First, find the song that you want to play. They're locatred in the assests0.pk3. Sort by path and they should be located in the "music folder". Then, when you've found the song you wanted, go in jk2radiant and press "N". Go down to worldspawn and type in "music" for the key. For the value, type in the path to your song.

key: music
Value: music/bespin_platform/besplat_explore.mp3

This will play the besplat_explore.mp3 in your level.

To add custom music, create a folder in your "base" folder and name it "music". Then add a folder inside the "music" folder and name it "mylevel" (or anything you want to name it). Next, put the song you want to play inside the "mylevel" folder. Then, in jkradiant, go to the worldspwn and type in "music" for the key and the path to your song for the value.

Key: Music
Value: music/myfolder/yoursong.mp3

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