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The trap had been sprung. Now, the creature had them where he wanted. Three had already been captured, and a steady diet of sedatives was keeping them quiet until the right time came. Even now, his agents outside the mountain were taking care of the pesky Odin and Vidar, and lugging the already unconcious forms of Flax and Deac back to the hideaway.

Each of the heroes awoke inside some sort of dark room, chained individually to a slab of stone with Force-strengthened binders over their wrists and ankles. Occasionally one would let out a small groan, but would be silenced quickly by the "medic" standing by their side. Each of the medics was constantly dripping a small amount of sedative into the captives, keeping them alert but drained. The only illumination provided by several torches placed at seemingly random intervals on the walls. In front of them stood a shrouded figure, a bit bent over from years, and quite pale, but otherwise healthy. He just stood there and stared at them for quite a while, until finally, he decided that it would be prudent to speak.

"Hello, my captives. Welcome to the Pit of Incarceration. Here, you will be kept prisoners until you divulge all information I want from you, then I kill you. It's a simple system really, and there is no hope. So don't even think of trying to escape. I guess we should start with the easiest one."

Turning to look at Deac, a look of concentration crosses his face, and then he relaxes.

"He was asleep. It was very easy to find what I needed from him. I hope you all have fun on your quests with the Time Matrix. Of course, I'll kill you before you ever can leave."

Once more turning to Deac, he produces a lightsaber from the folds of his robe, and walking at a crisp pace over to where he was restrained, he ignited it, and in a frenzy of fury, chopped his head cleanly off. When the smoke had cleared and the impromptu projectile had come to rest, he turned to look at the rest of the prisoners.

"Now then, who would like to go second?"

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