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*Ken’atra sighs and moves away from the endless stream of the database. He’s done collecting all the info that he needs and not a moment to soon. If he had to read another line of that dry, rambling and completely mind-numbing drabble he would go insane. Oh well, whoever said changing time was easy…or fun for that matter. A strand of black hair falls in front of his eyes.* Grrr…that’s it! *He traps the strand of offending hair between his fingers and glares at it. As he glares at it it starts to shrink until it is short enough not to bother him anymore, but then a pang of guilt clutches his heart. Isn’t that the strand that his mother would always play with? She always told him to never change it cause it gave him personality and made him ‘cute as a button’ (whatever that meant). And hadn’t he, with all the zeal of a young child, promised to always keep that strand of hair for her? He forgot; he forgot his promise to his mother* Details are slipping… *the strand of hair that always irritates the living heck out of him grows back to its former length and dangles in front of his eyes as if in triumph. He glares at it again; swearing that if it weren’t for his mother it would be gone in a second. Oh but aren’t these the emotions that are ever so dangerous to a Sith: love, devotion, happiness. They are all emotions that the mere memory of his former family stirs up, but the reality of their slaughter brings forth much more Sithly qualities. Anger. Pain. Revenge. And the never ending Hate he has for the people responsible.* Oh stop wallowing in self-pity, Ken’atra. You have better things to do. *And just like that all unwanted thoughts and emotions are whisked away with a flick of his hand as he touches the Time Matrix and concentrates on where he wants to be* I’ll be seeing you again soon mom… *And just like that, he’s on his way*

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