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*Rwos awoke. Or something like it. Was he dead? No...he was alive...but...something...

His mind cleared just a little bit. Enough for him to try to make sense of the situation.

He seemed to be bound to a stone slab. He couldn't move his body at all. There was a cloaked figue standing on the other end of the room, saying something that was hard to make out.

...captives...elcome to th...Incarceration. Here, you will b...prisoners until...all information I want from you, then I kill...simple system...there is no hope. So don't...trying to escape. I guess we should start with the easiest one."

What on earth was this creature doing? Why had he captured them? He wanted...information? He wanted to get information from them, then kill them? Figures. Wait..."Start with the easiest one"?

He was asleep. It was very easy...find what I needed from him. I hope you all have fun on your quests with the Time Matrix. Of course, I'll kill you before you ever can leave.

The hell. He knew about the Time Matrix. He---

The man walked over to Deac, and sliced his head off. If Rwos could have screamed, he would have done so.

And then he was falling, his head was suddenly clearing, and he barely managed to slow his fall with his wings before he hit the ground hard.

Deac was next to him. In one piece. Alive. Simply unconscious with a newly forming large bruise on the flesh remaining of his head and circuits fizzing in his body.

Ten feet away, a very pale human stood. His eyes were bright red. His ears seemed to be pointed underneath his long black hair. He also didn't smell right for a human.

But that wasn't what interested Rwos the most about him. The thing that had Rwos' attention was the large, shimmering globe the young man was standing next to.

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