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Not agaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn!


Wall...ow. Aargh.

*He sat up. Great. Obviously, that was the Darkstar, or at least in name. Reletha's apprentice. And obviously enormously strong with the 'Force'. And that must have been the Time Matrix!*

Perfect. Just perfect! Like we could take that on with our bloody powers intact!

*What was going on here? What kind of game were those numbskulls called "Craynoir" and "The Aeges" playing?

And hadn't Deac just got his head cut off?

Rwos looked at Deac's body, lying next to him, still unconscious. And very obviously in one piece.

Were they all immortal then?

Never mind that. He had to get to...what had that lizard called him...Ken'atra. He had to get the Time Matrix. Before history could be warped. Or anything else happen.

He looked up at his surroundings...*

((OOS: Admiral, this would be us on your planet Vanaheim [or Asgard?]

edit: *read your PM* Yeah, Asgard.))

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