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I didn't buy Bleem! (although I still could). I don't even use it frankly.. I use VGS when I do play PSX games (rarely).

They each cost about the same price as a new game ($50) where I'm at. But I'm sure you can find them cheaper if you look hard enough.

Arguing over the best console is like arguing over the best music or the best flavour of ice cream. Honestly, does it really matter that much? Obviously it does to the companies that make the money. They'll let you believe anything so long as they outsell their competitors. As to which system is "better," that all depends on your own expectations and preferences.

For my money I would get a DC, mainly because the PS2 has very little to offer me that I don't already have access to (I have a DVD-Rom, a great PC, access to fast PSX emulators, etc). For me the judge of a system is the quantity and quality of games it has (and that is based on what kinds of games I like), and the overall cost of that investment. You can decide for yourself what you spend your own money on, I say.


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