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Post The future of this forum.........

Hey all,

I am wondering, what is the future of this board? The TPM game has been out for 2+ yrs now, and there is nothing to do. We have explored every trick, every level, and every nook and cranny we have found, and it was fun. But that was 2 yrs ago. The game has lost its zest, there are no updates, no mods, no new levels, and no multiplayer. We have asked all the unique questions we could and have given as many game tips as possible over this forum, so this is the question, when are we all just gonna give up this forum and let it die? There is nothing to do here anymore, nor anything to discuss about the game, sure, its still fun to play once in a while, but there's nothing to debate about anymore, so, whats your opinion on this?

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