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Arrow Getting to know each other

So, as most of you are waiting for the pc version, it looks like we'll have to hang around with each other for a while, so why not deepen the thread "Let me introduce..."

Feel free to add as little or much info as you feel comfortable with

Name: Marcel Hatam

Age: 20

Location: Southern Germany

Occupation: Studying english and communications

Hobbies: gaming, music, Mechwarrior: Dark Age, soccer, volleyball, RPGs

Favourite Music: Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Rammstein, Linkin Park, lotsa weird metal bands you probably never heard of

Favourite Games: KotOR series, World of Warcraft, Halo 2, NWN, AoM, MW 4: Mercenaries, Mechassault 2, Mercenaries, Wolfenstein, Crimson Skies

Most Awaited Games: Age of Empires III, Jade Empire, Shadowrun, Halo 3, F.E.A.R., Bard's Tale, NWN 2, Dragon Age, next Wolfenstein, any new FASA, Bungie, Ensemble or BioWare game

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